Power your Ads by tico

tico is a messenger which focuses on the "TIME" and "PLACE"
that everyone sends messages to their audiences. We aim to create excellent experiences for users to communicate with who they care about.

In other words, Conferences, Events and Gatherings can also use tico to create amazing experiences for attendees in several ways. Via designating messages to specific time or location, all attendees will be able to receive information at the best time and places.

We've made such campaigns for lots of events, for example, the Asia's leading startup platform - InnoVEX 2017 & 2018, and also the Taipei Universal 2017 in Taiwan. We bring a better experience to the massive attendees. We help events send information at the perfect time, e.g., Intros, Schedules and Welcome Messages.

We look forward to a successful working relationship with more
Events / Conferences and any kinds of partners.

Contact us if you are considering cooperation with tico: service@tico.tips

The elegant messenger

to bring you a well-organized social life