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Why tico

Focus on the right things

"Tag Message"

Set tags for each message so it becomes easily filtered.
You shall pay no attention to messages about   "Fun"   or   "Gossiping"   when you are working.
On the other hand, now it's very easy to classify and even pass messages about   "Work"   when you are off work !

Out of sight, out of mind

"Location Message"

Pick the best place to leave message without fearing to bother each other.
Just like pasting a sticky note on the desk or refrigerator.

Always catch the best moment

"Time Message"

Meetings, Games, Parties and even Datings,
Save messages first and pick the best time to deliver them. Never miss every special time for you and your friends.

The Time-Based Communication

For chatting with whom you really care about.
Via tico, you are able to make sure that your friends will get messages at the best time when chatting with each other. Both of you can keep social life but regain your focus and lives back.

Regain Your Life

you no longer have to pay wasteful attention to useless messages;
instead, you can always send/get messages at the best time.

Try to become a more elegant messenger,
for you and whom you care about.

Join us on our journey

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